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          1. TEL:0086-532-87550025                    






            ABOUT US

            Qingdao Yuait Marine&Industrial Supplies Co., Ltd. founded in 2015, originated from OEM of plywood racks in 2010, now develops not only on wooden products but also offer ODM service.
            Factory worshop covers an area of 500 square meters,has modern 3-process CNC carving machine, mutil-drilling machine, linear boning machine and accessorial machines,we almost achieve automatical production in high quality.
            Factory always takes strict on quality started from material inspection like moisture percentage,planeness,mechanical strength until semi-finished products with a control of color tolerance and lacquering, all of these ensure each product to meet the requirements.
            Yuait only has 5 workers but owns 2 professional engineers all with 10-year experience, we completely could offer ODM service, customers can just offer pictures, samples even only your ideas.
            Main products cover plywood van racks, plywood shaped parts,MDF candy carts,MDF camper kitchens,clothes airers and customized furniture.
            We completely focus on foreign markets,80% percentage of customs come from EU and USA. hope to do business with you!