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            Tool Storage With Van Racking

            Ever dream of arriving at a job, opening up those van doors and not having to scrabble about amongst the endless sea of tool boxes? Then you need to reclaim that floor space and show your van some TLC with a van racking unit from Monster Racking.
            Get everything organised with this three tier van rack, made to fit over either the offside or nearside wheel box of a Ford Transit Custom whilst providing plenty of space for those tools and accessories.
            Van Racking Features
            ●Made from 12mm thick plywood
            ●Only for a Ford Transit Custom SWB van
            ●Fits both near-side & off-side
            ●Three shelves with separate compartments
            ●Hole for van door hinge - this side panel can be flipped depending on which side of the van it will sit
            ●Secure inside your van with the included fixtures
            ●Measures 102cm W x 30cm D x 136cm H
            Ford Transit Custom Storage Shelving
            Designed especially for the Ford Transit Custom SWB this racking unit has three shelves with varying compartments; the top shelf has 6 compartments, the middle shelf has 5 compartments and the bottom shelf has 4 compartments - you can also remove dividers if you want to make any sections wider.
            Made from 12mm thick plywood this van rack can be secured to your ply flooring to create a strong and sturdy shelf system ready to hold everything from hand tools to fixings.
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