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              Ever dream of arriving at a job, opening up those van doors and, you know, just finding the tool you need right there? Not having to scramble around just to see the van floor? It doesn’t look very professional, does it? You need to reclaim your floor space. You need to get organised. Show your van some serious TLC with this incredible van racking unit from Monster Racking.
              Built to fit the Transporter SWB T5, T6, T28, and T30 van, you can position this tidy unit either side of the van, as one edge sits over the wheel arch just splendidly. The 5/12mm thick unit has four shelves and two of the four shelves have dividers so that you can store away into your most-used tools into separate compartments. With ergonomically designed fastenings and provided L-brackets, you’ll have your van up and securely fitted to your van in no time, so you can take care of the job at hand whilst your racking takes care of your tools.
              Product Features:
              ● Conventional and practical plywood van racking
              ● Fits VW Transporter models T5, T6, T28, T30
              ● Able to be fitted in driver side or nearside
              ● Four ample shelves, two of which have dividers for three sections per shelf
              ● Quick and easy assembly
              ● Safely secure inside your van with the included fixtures
              ● Material: 12mm plywood with 5mm plywood to rear
              ● Dimensions: 1203mm (H) x 974mm (W) x 370mm (D)
              ● Shelf 1 (top): 950mm (W) x 231mm (D)
              ● Shelf 2: 950mm (W) x 265mm (D) x 202mm (H)
              ● Shelf 3: 950mm (W) x 370mm (D) x 199mm (H) (middle compartment 500mm (W), remaining compartments 212mm (W)
              ● Shelf 4: 950mm (W) x 370mm (D) x 199mm (H) (middle compartment 500mm (W), remaining compartments 212mm (W)
              ● Clearance from floor to underside of bottom shelf: 444mm
              ● Weight: 18 KG
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