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              Universal Ply Van Racking System
              Open up those doors to an organised and tidy van where you can find everything you need quickly and easily. There’ll be no turning the place upside down or losing tools with a fantastic ply shelving unit, finally you can reclaim that floor space and show your van how much you care about it.
              Organise your van throughout the shelves and drawers of this racking system, which can be fitted inside most makes and models to provide loads of storage for tools and accessories.
              Van Shelving Features
              ● Designed to fit in most makes and models of van
              ● Made from 12mm thick plywood
              ● Three shelves, each with three pigeon hole compartments
              ● Bottom shelf has three removable drawers
              ● Secure inside your van with the included fixtures
              ● Measures 102cm W x 30cm D x 120cm H
              Tool Storage With Universal Van Racking
              These wooden van shelves are an awesome storage solution for anyone who needs to organise tools in the back of a van, with nine pigeon hole compartments in total and 3 removable drawers there’s loads of space for all kinds of equipment. Each of the deep drawers on the bottom shelf allow for storage of more valuable or smaller items, but if you’re looking for a open compartments these drawers can just be taken out.
              Made from 12mm thick plywood this van rack can be fitted anywhere in your van to create sturdy & strong storage shelving that can hold anything from fixings and accessories to hand tools and electrical equipment.
              As a universal van racking system it is designed to be used with any make or model of van that can hold the measurements. Please measure your van space before purchasing the rack.
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